These rules only apply at the Golden Horseshoe Ride and are not applicable to any other EGB Ride.

Entering any class at the Golden Horseshoe constitutes implicit acceptance of these rules in addition to standard EGB rules.

1) Elevator Rule for Class 1 - An elevator option is available for this class - a rider may exercise the option to retire from the ride at the 120 km vet gate. They will then be credited with that distance if they are within the permitted time parameters and have passed the veterinary inspection including any compulsory re-examination

2) Crew:  Classes 1, 2, 3 and 4 - All competitors must have their own crew who is: over 17, named on the entry form, (max one vehicle only per competitor) and able to arrange collection of the horse from the course if necessary.  If riders are riding together, crews may share a vehicle provided that arrangements are in place in the event of the riders become separated on course. NB No horse boxes/vans of any size (not even 3.5 t) may be used to crew at the GHR. Classes 5 and 6 - must have designated crew but are permitted to share with one other rider.

3) Junior riders, (all classes) until they reach their 13th birthday, must be accompanied by a nominated adult, who has been nominated by the child’s parent or legal guardian, which must be done on the Parental Consent Form which must be lodged with the Ride Secretary on declaration. The nominated escort should be noted on the junior rider’s entry form. The junior will have the same start time as the adult. In the event that the accompanying adult has to withdraw on course, the junior must also withdraw unless the child’s parent or legal guardian has nominated a second escort on the entry form and filled in a second Parental Consent form, also to be left with the Ride Secretary, and this second nominated adult is also riding with the Junior rider.  Parental consent form download here

The Organiser has the right to raise the age requirement for escorts in adverse weather conditions.


4) Pre-ride vetting for Classes 1 and 2 will be on Friday afternoon. If you cannot get there for Friday please let the organizer know and you can be vetted on Saturday morning. Class 3 horses can be vetted on Friday afternoon by arrangement with the Ride Organiser, otherwise will be vetted on Saturday morning. Class 4 vettings subject to entry numbers.

5) Start times: Competitors in the same class may ask to be given consecutive start times. This request must be made on the entry form at the time of entering.

6) Maps: Maps of the route must be carried.  

7) Start/Finish: Riders must be mounted to cross the start and finish line on each day, and your riding time stops as you cross the line each day

8) Riding times: Your riding time starts at your allocated start time, even if you choose to wait to start with the next rider.

9) Half way vetting /overnight hold  Vet gate procedure for Classes 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be run as follows each day – your riding time stops as you reach the timekeeper at the half way point (or overnight hold), which is back at the main venue. You have up to 20 minutes to present to the vet, and at halfway for the 80k routes you will be at the venue for a total of 50 minutes (which includes your (up to) 20 minutes for presentation to the vet). You are allowed one re-presentation within 20 minutes of arrival if required, for pulse only (this includes the end of Day 1 for Class 3). For Classes 1 & 2 at the end of day 1, penalties for heart rate of 58 or below – no penalty; heart rate of 59 – 64 – 1 penalty; heart rate of 65 or above – elimination. 

10) Riding speed Classes 1 and 2 : is calculated each day from the riding time that day. Minimum speed required for all

Open/Advanced classes is 9.5kph each day. 12kph or over – Gold speed; 10.5kph – 11.9 kph – Silver speed; 9.5kph – 10.4kph – Bronze speed; Below 9.5kph – Elimination.  Classes 3, 4 and 5 minimum speed is 10 kph and Class 6 minimum speed is 8 kph, as per National EGB GER rules.

11) Final vettings for Classes 1 and 2: you must successfully present to the vet within 30 minutes of crossing the finish line. No re-presentation is allowed, and penalty points are awarded on the first heart rate taken at this vetting – heart rate of 58 or below – no penalty; heart rate of 59 – 64 – 1 penalty; heart rate of 65 or above – elimination.  Classes 3, 4, 5 and 6 as per National EGB GER rules.

12) Gate allowance (all classes) as per normal EGB rides.

13) Overnight Stabling  Horses competing over two days must stable/corral overnight on completion of Day 2 if their travel time to return home is more than 2 hours.  If your travel time is marginally above two hours and you wish to travel home at the end of Day 2, or there is some other reason for travelling, this must be discussed and agreed with the veterinary team at the final vetting. 

14) Trophies and prizes will not be posted – you must be present at the prize-giving to receive your award. A SAE can be left for rosettes only.