1. Golden Horseshoe Class 160k two day (80k/80k)  - with Elevator option at 120 km vet gate  

2. Stag Class 120k two day (80k/40k) 

3. Hind Class 80k GER PF two day (40k/40k)

4. 48km “Try a vetgate" Novice GER

5. 24km Foundation Novice GER




6. Fox Class 80k GER PF one day

7. Otter Class 40k GER PF one day

8. Otter Cub Class 40k Novice GER one day

9. Fawn Pleasure Ride 24k one day

TEAM AWARD to team of 4 horses and up to 4 riders, two nominated in Class 5 and two nominated in Class 7 or 8 (i.e. allowing riders to bring 2 horses - riding one each day.)

Vet Gate will be at the venue.


Each rider in classes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 must have their own crew, not shared.


Riders in classes 5, 7 and 8 must have designated crew, but these may be shared.


Riders and horses in Class 1 must have competed successfully at Advanced Level  in the previous season and must have completed a ride of at least 80km in one day in the previous 24 months as a combination.


Riders and Horses in Class 2 must be at Advanced Level at the start of the 2021 Season.


Riders and horses in Class 3 must be at Open or Advanced Level and have successfully completed a 64 km one day or 80 km two day ride (as a single class) since January 2019.


Class 6 open to horses and riders at Advanced level at the time of the ride.


All other classes - qualification is as per normal EGB Rules.


Additional Golden Horseshoe information in schedule - including specific Golden Horseshoe Ride rules will be available in due course on this website.